All About Spray Foam Insulation

Are you fond of snow or winter? If you are, you should still ensure that your home is properly insulated before proceeding with your winter agendas. The insulation in your home is not merely for the comfortable temperature it brings nor for the money you will save when it’s time for paying the energy you used for the month, more than that, it also helps in ensuring that no extra carbon footprint is wasted.

The leaks in your doors or your windows can drain the performance of your home’s thermal reaction by 50%. This statement simply means, that with leaks in your home, you are actually releasing unused heating in your home in the middle of winter. Given this conclusion, it will also provide you heating and cooling system a hard time catching up.

If you know he areas of your home that has leak problems, you better handle it directly and address the problem. Through this, you can also address the problem of your monthly electricity bill as well as help in preserving the environment.

One way you can solve the problem of leaks is through investing in the right and reliable insulation for your home. Spray foam insulation is a insulation solution that will help in boosting the efficiency of using energy in your home. It will also help in providing your home the right thermal performance that you will mot née fit from in the winter season.

Spray foam insulation has also been called as SPF or spray polyurethane foam. It has been stealing the spotlight through its generous benefits when it comes to providing efficient insulation. Fiberglass has been very popular before as an insulation material however due to its solid state, nook and crannies has been challenging to reach and has not been proven very effective in aiding leakage from very tiny spaces.

The emergence of spray foam insulation was first seen in the Second World War. It has been fist used as a great insulating material in airplanes. After thirty long years, professionals have then started using the material for insulating residential spaces. This may have been known before however it was in light just recently. Through its cost-effective benefits with regards to insulating a home or a building, it has been popularized, praised and used by many nowadays.

The material used in spray foam insulation is the same formula that makes your couches or sofas soft. The right application of spray foam insulation provides thermal insulation and it can also be taken advantage as a material that can reach tiny spaces. It can be corners or crawl spaces or whatever tiny space and hard to reach area; if you apply spray foam insulation, it is definitely reachable and sealable.

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